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Burcklé Reeds


When it comes to quality reeds, there are none better than Burcklé Reeds. That’s why GTP Global Textile Partner studied the unique Burcklé production process and shared it to reed shops around the world. This combines the unparalleled Burcklé quality with the ease and speed of a local reed supplier.

The Burcklé product range offers reeds for all weaving applications:

  • Airjet reeds: a complete range fit for all loom types, highly precise to meet or exceed OEM
  • Flat reeds: produced with top-quality reed wire, our flat reeds are made to your needs;
  • Warp preparation: complete range of specialty items for use in the preparation room;
  • Glass weaving: using the decades of Burcklé experience, GTP Global Textile Partner offers specifically engineered reeds for the harshest and most precise processes.

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